3 suspicious guys in Honor Oak Park

Hi all

Just had something weird. Just saw someone come into my front garden come to my gate and then go back out staring at the front of the house looking all around it from the opposite side of the road with 2 other guys. Definitely looked like a scoping out of the house type of thing…

Has anyone else noticed anything suspicious like this today in and around brockley Rise / codrington hill area?

Is there a police number atall I can ring? Any advice?

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That does sound a bit sinister. Not sure what the police are going to do about it. If I were you I would review your home security and let your neighbours know. You could get the local bobbies to pop over and advise you on locks and that sort of thing. They always used to do that, one would hope that they still do.


Hi Jack - thanks for the shout from another HOPer.

Some info below in case it helps.


  1. To contact police in an emergency - call 999.

  2. To contact the police for a non-emergency - call 101.

  3. To discuss local policing and crime issues, our local Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) is the Crofton Park Ward - 020 7232 7639; CroftonPark.SNT@met.police.uk; Twitter:@MPSCroftonPark. Each ward has a Police Constable, Police Community Support Officer and sergeant. Our PC and a good contact is Richard Bailey - 0208 721 2485; Richard.Bailey@met.police.uk.
    (NB the SNT is not manned on a 24 hours basis and is therefore not the appropriate contact for issues requiring immediate attention.)

  4. Neighbourhood Watch scheme is a forum for keeping an eye out for each other and the street and to be able to communicate any issues or needs. Access to further info, support and wider initiatives via the NW coordinator for Lewisham borough, Selvin Reid - (m) 07730 63717 selvin.reid@lewisham.gov.uk


Hi Daniel

Thankyou very much for the extra information. I will look to contact our local policeman on Monday aswell as the other groups you have stated

I have logged this with 101nand have been given a case number.

I’ll update this forum if anything else happens / has been seen etc



Break into a man’s house and the best you can expect from the MET is a crime reference number. Break into a tradesman’s van and clean him out of his tools and all you get is silence.


Drill your way into a safe deposit vault or hold up a train, cosh the driver’s head in with an iron bar and terrorise his young assistant and they’ll make movies about you.


A similar incident was reported on our local WhatsApp group on brockley rise/lowther hill. A chap cycled up the hill to stop and stare at a house for a good few minutes and took some photos. Wearing a beanie (it was v hot…?) and trying to appear as an old man in his movements/dress. Very odd! There was a burglary on Duncombe hill last month whilst family were away for the night - keep on the look out neighbours!


I don’t get how anyone can wear a woolly hat or thick coat in such heat. Silly me,… Snakes need extra heat when it’s cold at night hmmm interesting. Lots of dodgy behaviour lately. I recon these so and so need extra spot lights every move and a audience!! That might work and maybe they will get stage fright and do 1!!