3 way contraflow under the railway bridge in FH. Traffic chaos

You have been warned.

Update looks like Lordship Lane is backed up all the way to the Plough in Dulwich. Yikes.

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Traffic backing up all the way to Sainsbury’s, which naturally makes the end of Devonshire road even worse than usual…
Anyone know what they are doing under the bridge or how long it will take? I thought they might be doing pigeon netting.

It looked like they were repairing fencing on the top of the bridge.

I think this was actually part of the planned works - I have seen trains with rails going by.

Of course I’m not sure if it is the planned night works or the planned weekend closures or an unplanned bridge closure

The map on National Rail’s website for this weekends line closure shows 2 sites of work between New Cross Gate and Brockley and between Sydenham and Penge West. So I guess that whatever is being at the railway bridge doesn’t count! Probably just something that is better to do when the line is closed.

possibly - they seems to have switched to the other side of the road now - so might be a quicky

Now if all those arseholes stop using their horns…