Archived on 6/5/2022

Ferfect Fried Chicken

16 Feb '17

Forest Hill’s “Ferfect Fried Chicken” gets a mention here, naturally:

Keen to discover the heritage of FFC, I had a wander through historic “ferfect” tweets:

28 Feb '17

From the category of shops “something cheap that you can grab fast on your way from work as you are too lazy to cook” I quite like it.

28 Feb '17

I imagine I will be stumbling in there later tonight. I love their Zinger Burger and the ribs are to die for, even sober.

6 Apr '17

I lost my Ferginity last night and as @Londondrz pointed out, the zinger burger is cracking.

6 Apr '17

I’m a Morley’s kind of guy but the burgers in Ferfect are class

6 Apr '17

There is a boy that goes around London reviewing chicken shops…brilliant.
Need to get him to review Ferfect.


2 Sep '17

Ferfect insight: Video: London Districts: Forest Hill (Tour guide)

6 Sep '17

Now making another appearance on the Londonist though strangely with no mention.

27 Dec '20

I was watching TaskMaster on C4, series 10 episode 8, around the 4min 30 sec mark - Mawaan Rizwan gives Ferfect Fried Chicken a shout out, well more than a shout out - pretty sure it’s our Forest Hill one, right?

28 Dec '20

It’s got to be the one and only! You can apparently buy a (digitally) signed print from Mawaan Rizwan’s online shop too: