Archived on 6/5/2022

Disposal of small amounts of rubble/rubbish?

19 Feb '17

Hi there,

We have bought a place that needs a modest clear out - equivalent to a couple of car bootloads perhaps or maybe a dozen rubble bags, mostly accumulated cr*p in the cellar. I understand you can’t take rubble or DIY materials to Landmann.

What are my options to get rid? What sorts of costs are involved? Apologies for simple question, we are new to this area having relocated to Londonland.

TIA, Aitch

19 Feb '17

You can take rubble etc to the Beckenham tip in Churchfields road. Depending on the operator on the gate at time of your visit you can sometimes dispose of rubble in the general/residents waste section and not have to pay the £3 non-resident fee, other times you’ll be redirected to the weigh bridge/commercial section. Still reasonable rates and they seem well used to general members of the public rocking up and have hivis vests you can borrow that you need to use the commercial bit of the dump.