Archived on 6/5/2022

Cat flap installation

20 Feb '17

Does anyone have a recommendation for an installer to put a cat flap into a brick wall? Maybe also to supply the microchip cat flap at the same time? Many thanks, Philip

21 Feb '17

Happy to loan you long masonry drills or a 50mm core drill if you want to attempt Diy?
There should be no need to add any support as hole will be quite small (as opposed to say a window) if the wall is a solid 9" or possibly 11" cavity then careful drilling should be simple with cement to trim. Alternatively you can get glass with flap cut out for a door. I would imagine the cost would be high as a tradesman would allocate a day to complete even if only a couple of hours work.

26 Feb '19

Hello we are looking for someone to install a cat flap into a single skin brick wall. Could anyone recommend a local tradesperson please? Thanks in advance!