356 bus to become touch-in from May 23rd

From tomorrow morning, Route 356 will once again become a paid for bus route by touching an Oyster Card, contactless card/phone or Freedom Pass to board the bus.

This is after TfL have completely sealed the drivers cab in the single door buses by covering the holes in the perspex screens and covered the cash tray, so drivers are at less risk of contracting Covid-19.

All other bus routes in SE23 continue to be ‘free’ to use by entering the middle door, although I understand that we may all have to enter using the front door and pay again by the end of next week as work to seal up bus cabs continues.

Some Route 176 buses, those that use the Boris buses already have signs up saying you need to touch in already, but as only a minimum of buses on that route use those vehicles, they’re still free to use for now as normal buses are used alongside.

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