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Join the Forest Hill Society

29 May '16

The Forest Hill Society has be running for 10 years. During this time we have helped save the swimming pool, campaigned to improve rail and bus services, and worked to improve the high street with plants, pianos, and even picnics. We set up a monthly market which was tremendously popular and led to a butcher and a deli becoming permanent features on the high street. And as a result there is now a weekly farmers market at the Horniman. We have done lots more besides and we are very proud of all our achievements over the last ten years.

We still have more ambition for improving Forest Hill and this year we are working with other groups in a bid to manage Forest Hill Library. More than 60 of our members have already volunteered to give up their time to keep it open - whether our bid is successful or not.

The Forest Hill Society is completely separate from this forum (or any other), but we share the aim of getting people to engage with others who have an interest in the local area, and hopefully we can make Forest Hill an even better place to live.

Membership Benefits
As a member you will:

  • Meet others who are passionate about Forest Hill
  • Receive a Quarterly newsletter and regular updates on news and events by email
  • Have the opportunity to make real improvements to our community

Join Now!
Joining the Forest Hill Society is cheap (£5 per year). There are four ways to pay; by standing order, by cheque, by credit or debit card or by PayPal.

We would encourage you to use a Standing Order as it means you don’t have to worry about renewing on time, since your bank will sort it all out for you. It’s also more convenient for us and marginally cheaper in the long run. However, we realise that many people prefer to deal online, so we have added PayPal (and you can choose to pay a bit extra to cover the charges).

Details of how you join can be found here. Or download a membership form and fill it out.

29 May '16

As an admin of this site I have to declare an interest and say that I am a member of the FHS, and also was on the committee for a while - until other work commitments took over my life.

I highly recommend you join, and I always recommend it to neighbours and friends locally.

It is very separate from this forum, but ultimately we have similar aims - we want to make SE23, and the greater Forest Hill / Honor Oak Park an even better place to live and work - and the work of the Forum and the Society all contribute to supporting local business and the local community.

Both of these things are key reasons I am proud to be an SE23 resident, and think we have a really unique place to call our own - however long we have lived here (only 12 years so far in my case).

13 Nov '18

The Forest Hill Society now has it’s own account on SE23.lıfe to report matters in a more formal way.

Over the last week we delivered about 2,000 flyers around Forest Hill, with more to come to areas not already covered. But if you don’t get a flyer you can join up on-line or by printing out the membership form.
Flyers with membership forms are also available in Forest Hill library.

13 Nov '18

What is the correct email address for the Forest Hill Society please? I need to get in touch with someone about my membership. Thanks.


13 Nov '18

According to the website (you have to hunt around a bit) it’s

13 Nov '18

Thanks Robin, I tried that but no response (I emailed a couple of weeks ago) so I’m wondering if there’s another one. Sorry, I should have been clearer!

13 Nov '18

You are welcome to send me a PM. I can’t find your email at present