Archived on 6/5/2022

Kitchen fitter recommendations

31 Mar '17

We are looking at buying an IKEA kitchen and potentially having someone local fit it for us (hopefully less expensive than IKEA’s service). Does anyone have a recommendation for this? Thanks.

1 Apr '17

Highly recommend Simon from Dulwich Kitchens - - not 100% sure he does ikea but worth checking. Excellent value, neat and tidy worker, nice guy too.

1 Apr '17

hello try John at top marx he’s local, he done our kitchen last year he can fit Ikea

24 Jul '20

We have just had our kitchen fitted and wanted to share our experience for anyone in need of a top notch kitchen fitter.

John at Topmarx kitchens is an absolute gentleman and a master tradesman.

He is incredibly proficient and professional and his finishing is to the highest standard.

We couldn’t be more happy with John and are particularly grateful to the extra lengths he went to to ensure he could install our kitchen. We were also struck with his breadth of experience and knowledge that he uses to solve problems that will inevitably arrive with any Kitchen install. If you are in the South East area, you honestly couldn’t get a better person for the job.

Top marks for top marx kitchens!

11 Aug '20

Hi. We are looking for a professional kitchen fitter who can also carry out some repairs ASAP. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks in advance.

11 Aug '20

Hi Tanya, I’ve moved this to an existing thread, and there seem to be a handful of other posts on this topic which are linked at the top of this thread. Try also the Search function for ‘kitchen…’ there are a few.

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11 Aug '20

My experience is that tradespeople generally detest fitting Ikea kitchens because they don’t arrive pre-built (unlike Howdens etc), and also because of the the lack of clearance behind the units for pipes etc.

I nearly got an Ikea kitchen (ended up getting a DIY Kitchens one in the end) and if I had gone through with it, I’d have used their team for fitting. I didn’t think their rate was too bad. An average sized kitchen would usually cost circa £2k to fit, their price for fitting was lower by a few hundred.

20 Jun '21

Another 5 stars review for Top Marx Kitchens. Not only John and Gabi are excellent professionals but excellent human beings, what makes a pleasure to work with them. We were struggling finding a kitchen supplier as well that ticked all the boxes until we met John and got his advice on the matter. Then, before installation, John was eager to help with any questions we might have. And once installation started, everything ran smoothly, all was so easy because he knows what he does and he really cares about his work and the final result. John listens and he has got such a good eye on detail.
We couldn’t recommend them enough! We are very grateful we chose them, hence our review in case it helps anyone.
(Bear in mind that, as you can expect, they are always quite busy so contact them in advance.)

28 Jan '22

Top Marx are really good, and the people working there are true professionals

2 Feb '22

Never heard about Top Marx, I was always working with bespoke kitchens brighton, and I never met even a single issue working with them. I think Top Marx have a good competitor on the market.