Archived on 6/5/2022 - seeking founding members

23 Apr '17 is a brand new forum for Sydenham:

Join today and snap up your ideal username! :blush:

You can help kickstart this forum by adding a topic. I’ve listed some topic ideas based on popular topics on

10 Jun '17

Can I ask a favour of Sydenham residents on this forum? is fully up and running, and needs to be seeded with lively conversation in order to succeed.

@Pauline, @Weepy, @BingBong, @dechips, @appletree, @SydenhamTC and others have kindly started topics and got the ball rolling. Now we need your help to build the momentum. I’ll be manning the social media channels ready to spread the word far and wide as we build authentic content from local people.

If works, it’ll be brilliant for Sydenham, and the two forums will work symbiotically, helping to grow each other’s reach.