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What’s the best site for selling?

8 May '17

Besides here of course. But what is you preferred site for selling stuff particularly household things like furniture, lamps etc…? And why do you rate those sites? Or not like them?

I’m currently thinking of:


Though I’m sure there are others.

8 May '17

Recently sold a bunch of household items during a house move. Advertised on multiple sites including Gumtree and Nextdoor. Definitely had more success on Gumtree. Although our table didn’t sell initially for a week, it did within a few minutes after I reposted it to say “mid-century style”. A couple from north London came all the way to Wimbledon and took it back in an Uber XL.

9 May '17

Goes to show that labelling is everything.

Thanks for the Nextdoor mention. I’ve never heard of them. And actually never even crossed my mind to list across multiple sites.

I’ve seen lots of adverts about Shpock so welcome any thoughts on this newish site?

8 Jul '17

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