Archived on 6/5/2022

A3 document printing

25 May '17

Does anyone know of a local service where I can print some pdfs on A3 paper?

25 May '17

There’s a place called Crystal Services on Perry Vale (near the carpet shop) that might do it. I popped in once to pick up a DHL parcel and they seem to do copying and fax services so may do printing as well.

25 May '17

Forest hill library can print a3.

25 May '17

@Beige even if you don’t have a library card (though it would be better & easier if you did - 2 forms of ID needed to do this for free, I.e. utility bill, passport) you can be signed in as a day user (again for free) to use these services :slight_smile:

There’s a minimal charge for printing (10p a sheet) but we have added colour to our copier, so that might be useful too.

25 May '17

Thank you all, very useful info

31 May '17

Just for future reference:

Crystal Services does not currently offer A3 printing

Forest Hill library does offer A3 printing and copying.

  • The machine itself seems very good
  • The charge is 15p/sheet for black and white A3 printing or copying (colour is available at higher cost)
  • To print you need access to a library computer. There isn’t a queueing system so going at a quiet time might be easier and quicker.
  • As @Pauline said: It’s easiest to do all this if you have a library card - to get one you need 2 forms of ID i.e. utility bill, passport.
  • Take change if possible (the copying payment system does not give change and printing requires change from the library till)