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Three Men in a Boat plus Ignition beer

27 May '17

Ventured into the badlands of SE26 last night to see local professional theatre group Spontaneous Productions’ version of Three Men in a Boat upstairs at Sydenham Centre. Three young Victorian gentlemen seeking adventure enacted all kinds of japes and characters in a charming, funny and occasionally musical manner. Highlights included a romp around Hampton Court maze, attacking a tin of pineapple without an opener and the telling of serial increasingly tall stories. Montmorency, the dog, played a full part too. The boat on stage was quite believable as they rowed their way towards Maidenhead. Really this deserves a bigger audience and our support for no other reason that it is very good. On for a week or so only.

I have no connection to this I hasten to add. Nor to the excellent Ignition beer, brewed downstairs - ‘South of the River’, a very fine cold brew on a hot night.

27 May '17

Ignition beer is a new one for me - cheers!

28 May '17

Thanks for the lovely write-up ThorNogson. As producer/director of this show I’d like to mention that it actually runs for another 2 weeks, from Wed 31 May to Sat 10 June. That’s every Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat at 8pm, except for Thu 8 June (when the venue is being used as a polling station) meaning we have added one extra performance on Tue 6 June. Tickets will be available on the door, subject to availability, or may be purchased in advance at Kirkdale Bookshop in Sydenham, or by phone 020 8778 4701 or online as described above.

Jonathan Kaufman

28 May '17

Hi Jonathan… could you tell me what type of seating you have in the theatre?

29 May '17

Thanks for the tip - I will go

2 Jun '17

Thoroughly looking forward to this - as it’s one of my favourite books and Jerome K Jerome being the main inspiration behind my Idle Blogs of an Idle Fellow. Great stuff.

2 Jun '17

When are you going Tom? Have you booked? We can coordinate over on libra de la cara. :wink:

1 Aug '17

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