4G broadband (Three network)

Has anyone used the 4G/5G broadband service? On three they offer Huawei HomeFi plus for £29 a month with speeds of 150mpg.

I’m looking at alternatives to Virgin who can offer similar or better speeds. :confused:

I’d be wary personally. I have bought one and used it for a consultant staying in a premise with no landline. Great if you are in a pinch - no setup and mobile as well.

Firstly there is no 5G coverage round here commercially. Three’s own mapping tools shows nothing at all but of course that will change and when it does it will be worth looking.

Speeds on 4G in the real world are nothing like 150 mb/s.

According to OpenSignal it offers average 4G download speeds of 21.6Mbps, beaten by EE and Vodafone. Its average 4G upload speed of 7.4Mbps is also third, and its average latency of 46.3ms meanwhile is worse than all its main rivals.

Signal strength can vary too especially indoors.

If you want speed like that offered by virgin you are going to have to wait for 5G or get FTTP…


Thanks this is helpful, I thought this would be the case with 4g network and you’ve confirmed my doubts.

But EE do have 5G coverage around here:

The contacts and devices aren’t very cheap though.

I need to get my EE SIM re-enabled to actually see if my phone spots it and to make a speed test, but I can confirm EE LTE cells are advertising 5G NSA from my house.


Not on Three but have recently got a 4G hub with Vodafone- initially set up in Oxford (ground floor) where signal strength is patchy and averages 2 bars on a phone. Speeds started at 10mb/s on the first day but settled between 20 and 60 mp/s. We’ve since moved to Forest Hill (2nd floor) where signal strength is full on phones- initial speeds around 30mp/s but max so far 117! We would agree that the speed does vary much more than with traditional broadband but the average speed is certainly fast enough, if the coverage is there for 4G. Even at slowest speeds so far, fine for multiple streaming and video calls. Just also make sure it’s a higher spec router (most suppliers offer a cheaper ‘portable’ 4G wifi hub- these are lower LTE so won’t be as good for home wifi) and get a cooling off period!


I had to Google fttp. Fibre over power lines? That sounds a good idea, but would the phone lines still work in a power cut? I ask because long term we might move to Hampshire DV. So no cable tv/broadband for us then.

My late mum who lived there used to get lots of power cuts.

Sorry - Fiber To The Premises meaning that you have a fiber optic cable direct to you house from the exchange or local break out box. It isn’t available in most areas but it is as fast as you want to pay for!
I use it…

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My telephone line has worked during several power cuts. That is the only way I had to report the power cuts. I have a battery powered device from EE for my internet connection via radio waves. It works during power cuts. but I cannot recharge the batteries until the power comes back. It costs £22.91 per month. I originally got it for mobility.

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Like Virgin cable then? That’s what we have now, but can’t in the New Forest, where it’s hard enough to find a house with mains drainage or gas.

Virgin are slightly different I think in that they run a coax cable from the street box (where the fiber is terminated) to your house although they do fiber optics to the premises for the commercial world…
We have a 1gb Virgin Fiber at work…

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My experience with Three 4G broadband is that it’s very sensitive to where in your house you put the box (B535) they give you. I had it at the back of the house and was getting 3Mbps, then moved to front room and got 18Mb.

And then further, as with any wifi, you will get higher speeds if you use your devices close to the router. Or better yet, plug in with ethernet.

I am planning to complain and hopefully cancel as, even at 18Mbps, my smart telly buffers for ages and sometimes won’t even load the streaming services home page. I’m also having issues using MS Teams chats on wifi.

As an aside I think the whole world is using Teams right now and is having issues with it from time to time. I was speaking to a MS support guy from Teams (yes MS do actually have support!) and he was telling me that literally millions of teams were being created every day… He sounded a bit frazzled!

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Three,s internet speed on phones are trash so there broadband on on phone signal will be aswell ,I know your pain but I’d wait VM once 1g service is out in area superhub 4 should follow ,the hub is there main problem, also the copper cables but we’re stuck with them .I’d your in a city better looking at a full fiber connection

Hi I have broadband with 3 it’s great I can get 100Mb. Its much faster than my last provider… I use a signal booster aireal that I have on my outside wall that connects to the router… I would definitely recommend it

I’ve been using it for months with zero problems… I’ve got 4 kids who all use it for gaming and it works a treat… Plus you can unplug it and move it around for better signal, and I bought a mobile dongle that we chuck the sim card in when we go anywhere…

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I have had mine for a month or so. I get minimum 50mb/s. I regularly get greater than 70mb/s and a few times I have had 120mb/s.

It is not perfect but it is much better than my old 14mb ‘fibre’

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Is that a 4g router on the Three network??

Cheap fast and it works… The days of fibre and wired broadband are numbered…

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