£50 Mini II Bose Speaker

Is anyone interested in buying a Mini II Speaker? It’s a Bose product with Bluetooth connection, a 3.5-mm auxiliary and Micro-B USB portone. This has been well looked after and protected for nearly a year now but hasn’t been used much to be honest. From one good home to another!! Contact me for more info until then have a great week.

Hi, is this still available?

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Good Evening Nick,
Thank you for kindly responding. Yes, it sure is still available.
Not sure how to do private inbox message yet?? I am off to bed now but will be happy to chat with you tomorrow about it!!
Have a pleasant evening.

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Thanks! I will certainly take this off your hands., I haven’t worked out how you do the Private Messaging despite Chris’s instructions - I didn’t get the Message option after clicking your avatar, I will try and work this out tonight. Nick

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Hi @NickM I think you at the ‘basic’ user permissions level, but @HopSE-80 should be able to message you, and you will then be able to respond.

Good luck!


Super duper out and about at moment Nick but thank you!!

Great stuff