Archived on 6/5/2022

Flying Ant Day in SE23

13 Jul '17

Looks like SE23 is having a flying ant day. They’re out in force on HOP high st tonight

13 Jul '17

Actually, they are incredibly localised - you can have them in one street and no others.

We’ve twice had the kitchen invaded by flying ants - not fun. Close your windows, people!

13 Jul '17

I hate (very rarely use that word & don’t allow my kids to ever use it) when flying ants invade a Street. If you see me looking like a crazy woman on D Rd with spray, guess you know why :rofl:

For the record nothing on D Rd today!

13 Jul '17

I was dodging them on the bike last Wednesday; I don’t think they’d go down as well as the occasional greenfly.

13 Jul '17

Lucky so far on Sunderland Road…