62 Sunderland Road / Gaynesford Road housing development





Crikey indeed… not really in keeping with the character of the rest of the properties in the surroundings? Although, I am surprised that the existing property has survived thus long with all that “unused” green space around it…


It used to have a beautiful hedge running around the perimeter of the garden which got hoicked up a few years ago. Not the most attractive looking corner now, but still, it’s a Christmas built house so part of the character of Forest Hill.


I didn’t realise it was one of his… I thought they were the ones on the other side of Gaynesford Road? Surely if it was a Christmas House, they would not get approval to tear it down?


Could not look more ‘gated’ and fortified if it tried.


I’ll be gobsmacked if they are allowed to pull down a Christmas house…


Gated and fortified? Not far off the mark:

‘The building takes an abstract view of The Forest, establishing a building that is the woodland that protects the central clearing - the communal garden.’ (archtitects description.)


I can’t seem to find the application for this on the Lewisham Planning Portal… perhaps I am being thick but I can’t seem top search by map (like I can do on the lambeth one) and putting in Sunderland Road and/or Gaynesford Road doesn’t show this up either… maybe it hasn’t actually been submitted yet?


That’s one for Private Eye’s Pseuds’ Corner.


Is this a current application? If so can you please post the reference number.

The site is not within a Conservation Area and I’m not sure whether it is listed.

The proposed scheme is out of keeping with the area - just the materials.


Christmas Houses in Perry Vale Ward are not in Conservation Area and are not Locally Listed, so a developer is entitled to demolish and build something else.

Whether this is in keeping with the character of the area is certainly something that will need to be considered. But by the look of it the building isn’t in keeping with itself, let alone it’s surroundings.


There have been quite a few examples in the area of houses “not in keeping” getting approval, though, no?


Sorry, you’re right - what I really meant was “I’d be gobsmacked if they could pull down a Christmas house here, on Gaynesford road, to replace it with this”. Needless to say, I am no planning expert!


Where did you find this, @SamphireHoeSE23?


It was a leaflet drop around surrounding houses.


It reminds me of the old Brandon House on Borough High Street, sloping dark brickwork.


Leon, application hasn’t been submitted yet apparently.


Funny that this new proposal should remind you of a building that’s already been knocked down.


The artists impression is a little off in terms of the scale really.


Even the architect felt the need to try to cover it up with ivy…