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Forest Hill Autumn Walk in the Woods - Sunday 8th October

3 Oct '17

Join us for an Autumn Walk in the Woods: Sunday, 8th October, 2:30pm.

Meet at the main entrance to Horniman Gardens for a walk through Sydenham Woods exploring the history of the woods and the disused railway.

3 Oct '17

Cool. I loved the spring one we went on with FHS,

4 Oct '17

Suggest you take your wellies. It’s a bit boggy in places. And it’s fun getting mucky.

6 Oct '17

Good weather planned for our autumnal walk in the woods this Sunday afternoon.

Autumn is the best time for a walk in the woods as the colours change, but as @billie suggests, boots or wellies would be a good idea (but flip flops or high heels would be more entertaining).

5 Dec '17

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