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Forest Hill Mural - Call for Designs (deadline Dec 11th)
18 Nov '17

Continuing the discussion from A better welcome to those passing through SE23:

South London is awash with new street art, and the above murals (created by @Lionel) are teasing us, as they pop up closer and closer to Forest Hill.

We’re going to get our own. We have a quote, mock-ups, initial donors and we’ll crowdfund the remaining costs.

The site for this mural will be Waldram Crescent (AKA South Circular) under the railway bridge.

Before we share @Lionel’s two design options for the Forest Hill Mural, we want other local artists to have a chance to put forward designs. To submit a design, please email

So, if you know an artist who’d be willing to commit to this project, please ask them for a Forest Hill tailored mock-up, a quote and estimated date of completion.

We’ll share all the mock-ups we’ve received on Monday 11th December and put them to the vote.

Cannot wait to start the crowdfunder and make our Forest Hill Mural a reality :rocket:

:information_source: The Forest Hill Mural
18 Nov '17

Want to get involved? Please opt-in to our FH Mural group to see all discussions on this project.

21 Nov '17

A week seems like a pretty tight timeframe to come up with an alternate proposal (including mock-ups etc). Appreciate the eagerness to get things moving though.

22 Nov '17