Archived on 6/5/2022

Reginald Bray - story about Forest Hill resident

21 Dec '17

W Reginald Bray, an accountant from Forest Hill in south-east London, claimed to hold that honour having posted himself successfully in 1900, then again in 1903 and for a last time in 1932.

21 Dec '17

Have heard this chap’s story before.

But did he have to use Forest Hill PO ?

21 Dec '17

Maybe we should keep up the tradition and sending all sorts of weird and wonderful things out of Forest Hill and see the reaction of the post office, who will start with flip flops or maybe stamped Brüssel sprouts :smiley:

21 Dec '17
22 Dec '17

The postcard quiz did feel particularly easy, mind you.

30 Jan '22

Following on from this old story, London News Online has a new article about this ‘Forest Hill eccentric’, detailing some of the odd things he managed to post, as well as a variety of autographs he was able to collect: