Archived on 6/5/2022

2017 Christmas wrap-up from SE23 businesses

22 Dec '17 focusses on news, gossip, events and photos from residents and community projects. But we are keen to hear from our much loved local businesses too.

Regarding my company, it’s been a pretty good year. After my honeymoon, I spent about seven months of the year on-contract working on software for financial firms in the city. Banks have been busy with regulatory work, with “hard deadlines” looming in December / January, but luckily I’ve managed to avoid this kind of work and have had some fun and challenging projects in more novel areas of the business. is, and will probably always be, an unprofitable sideline of my company, costing more in hosting than it makes in advertising, but that doesn’t matter at all as it’s an absolute pleasure to run!

SE23 @Business owners - how has 2017 been for you? Any exciting developments in store for 2018?