Archived on 6/5/2022

Adult Swimming lessons

2 Jan '18

One of my new year resolutions this year is to finally learn to swim. Does anyone have recommendations for classes/private teachers in Forest Hill/Dulwich?

2 Jan '18

I have swimming lessons in East Dulwich leisure centre.
They have adult group lessons during the week and at weekends, and they also provide 1-2-1
lessons at extra cost.
I did swimming lessons at FH pools originally and got put off because the teacher was awful and thought nagging me would make me go in the deep end and less afraid-it put me off!
In Dulwich the teachers are patent and understanding of fearful adults

4 Jan '18

Interesting- I also was put off FH by (probably the same!) terrible teacher. He weirdly wouldn’t let people use the steps and made someone close to tears by making her go in the deep end! Also seemed obsessed with teaching stuff like tumble turns rather than just improving stroke/stamina…

Does anyone know if they still have the same one?