Archived on 6/5/2022

Gym Recommendations

26 Jan '18

I wondered if I could get a fresh set of opinions about local gyms.

I’m tossing up between Sydenham Puregym (£20/month, good class timetable, busy-ness checker app, but no pool, further away, smaller, very busy) and Forest Hill Pools (£40/month, poor showers, poor class timetable and availability, but closer, has a pool, and bigger so less competition for machines.

Does anyone else use either and have any pointers? Or alternatives? I don’t know much about Energie but I’m not a huge fan of the shopfront-style setup!


26 Jan '18

Not much of a gym bunny but I used to have a monthly Fusion sub which allowed me to use all of the Lewisham gyms not just FH pools. So I could do a class at The Bridge or elsewhere or use any of the facilities - Pools or gym etc where it suited me.
Pretty sure it is the same now but worth checking.

7 Jul '21

Hello all, I am debating whether to join a local gym and wondered if anyone had any recommendations (and maybe even some kind of trial offer code). I live in Honor Oak near the station so not looking to go too far, and don’t need anything super fancy (some classes, a good set of equipment, and not full of douchebags).

Thanks in advance