8 Best Hilltop Views In South London

Featuring Horniman Gardens, One Tree Hill and Blythe Hill Fields.

Great to see SE23’s panoramic viewpoints getting a mention.

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I never knew about Severndroog Castle at Shooters Hill.

I am, however, more than familiar with One Tree Hill. I was there a few days ago, mid-run, and the top was a quagmire. It would be nice if the summit could be given a bit of Council TLC, especially as it is now world famous (well, features in the list of eight best hilltop views in South London).

Southwark Council do have plans to improve the access around the Local Nature Reserve on One Tree Hill. One of their less controversial projects for the vicinity!

Severndroog is a bit weird but cool for a visit though a bit of a schlep to get too. The surrounding ancient forest is worth seeing too.


A 122 bus will take you to within about 400 yards of the castle if you get off where the Sth circ meets Westmount Road and cut up through the woods.


I’d never heard of Severndroog either but I was cycling up Shooters Hill the other day, saw the sign and took a little detour. Well worth it! The view from the top must be spectacular too.

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