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The Independent: “Spotlight on Forest Hill”

21 Jun '16

The Indy published a great article on Forest Hill today:

Spotlight on Forest Hill: Victorian houses, museums and gardens attract young families

With the City 20 minutes away, families and young professionals are flocking to rent and buy roomy period homes

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21 Jun '16

Javaid always gives a nice little FH write up. He mentions me a lot as do others like @Londondrz better half from Wooster & Stock & @BMSE23 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

22 Jun '16

Ted Christmas built my shop, here’s a pic of the row of shops he built on Dartmouth Rd around 1900 including his own shop back then.

The frontage of the shops has changed a bit since then.

Local historian Steve Grindlay has told me a little history about my shop:

1900-1969 it was Gregg Spencer - upholsterers & cabinet makers ran by uncle & nephew
1969 until I think 1986 it was then a TV & TV repair shop - when I was doing the signage for my shop I was able to see part of the signage
1986 (think this is the correct year) @Anotherjohn bought it & the rest they say is history :joy: :joy:

22 Jun '16

The Indy a great article. Something you don’t see much these days.

Signed former Indy reader.