Archived on 6/5/2022

Garthorne Road car incident

2 Apr '18

On Saturday (31st March) night at about 9.30 (or at least between 9 and 10pm) a car racing along Garthorne Road crashed into our parked car at the junction of Garthorne and Ebsworth Street. That night there were loads of cars racing around the surrounding roads (did I miss something?!?!) and we believe that the car was driving down Garthorne from Ewart Road end towards Aykroyd end. When I heard the crash, I ran out, as did a neighbour, and saw what looked like a 4x4 / Quashquai / similar screech off again, clearly making a strange noise due to damage. I couldn’t see the colour, make or reg page. In the dark, I couldn’t see what it had crashed into a couldn’t see damage on any nearby cars. But in the light on Sunday morning we saw scratches and a dent on it plus the whole chassis has been shunted and car is likely to be written off.
We’ve reported to police but obviously not holding out much hope. But if you live on Garthorne or nearby and have CCTV on the front of your property, I’d love to know if you picked anything up.
We 're not really surprised that this has happened to be honest - the whole area seems to have become one big race track for idiots, and I’m glad that the accident didnt involve any of our kids or passers by.
Many thanks!

3 Apr '18

Not good at all, especially with the other incident which took out the telegraph pole seemingly only a couple of months ago.

Terrible to see idiots driving around the tight streets like that.

Hope things are sorted with your vehicle as painlessly as possible.

Maybe it is time to put in some traffic calming measures, some humps should hopefully slow things down a bit.

4 Apr '18

All of London is a “race track for idiots” as you put it. Hence why car insurance is more expensive in London.

4 Apr '18

for some law enforcement

4 Apr '18

Indeed, but its catching the little idiots in the act which is the hard part.

4 Apr '18

Not to mention the higher theft rates of and from cars in London compared to the home counties. Just so it is clear it is not just idiots speeding which are the cause for the higher premium.

That said, I am quite happy with my premiums these days lol. Must have gotten used to paying through the nose over the years.