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Suggestions for disposing of DIY rubble - Lewisham ‘recycling’ won’t accept it

26 Apr '18

So I checked the Lewisham Recycling website, luckily before I set off with a car load full…
and they won’t accept ‘sacks of general DIY waste’. I have about 7 small bags of rubble from taking up an old patio - any ideas how I can get rid of it. It’s not enough for a skip. Any local services that will drop off one of those construction bags and let me fill it for collection?


26 Apr '18

From that page, at a minimum cost of £24:

Reuse and recycling centres in neighbouring boroughs

You can use the reuse and recycling centres in Bexley and Bromley, but there is a fixed charge for every visit by non-residents.

In Bexley, you will be charged £10 a visit.

In Bromley, you will be charged £3 a visit for household waste.

Bromley may also accept soil, brick, DIY, rubble and construction waste for a fee according to weight. Currently, the minimum charge is £21 and vehicles will need to use the weighbridge for an exact price.

26 Apr '18

I have used AnyJunk before and found their service excellent. Easy to book online and you are kept well informed of when they are arriving and have collected.

I’ve not used these but seen Hippo Bags around the neighbourhood a couple of times. I’m pretty sure they take builder/DIYwaste.

26 Apr '18

Interesting - HippoBag and Anyjunk seem quite £££ in relation to Bromley. I suppose it’s the cost of convenience rather than lugging it yourself to Bromley!

26 Apr '18

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26 Apr '18

Top tip on Bromley, thanks @jonfrewin - popped over to the Churchfields Rd site, Thursday lunchtime - nice and quiet. They let me in and I won’t tell you how much they (didn’t) charge me :+1::grinning:

It’s probably just as close to us as New Cross too. Easier to get to.

26 Apr '18

I went to Churchfields Road, Bromley, on Monday lunchtime, and they were queued out to the road, so being busy is probably why they didn’t do an address check on my, and why I didn’t have to pay £3. I have previously put DIY rubble, like you’ve got, into my main collected, waste bin, one bag at a time, over a period of a few weeks (when we had a weekly pick up), and nobody ever complained. Bromley tip is definitely much nearer for us than the tip by Millwall FC.
another option is to find someone locally with a skip, and ask nicely if you can put your bags in their skip - you might get a nice response, possibly for free. When I’ve had a skip I don’t mind if people ask to put small amounts of their stuff in (but I do object to total strangers putting lots of stuff in without asking).

21 Oct '19

If you’ve got a friend living in Southwark take them on a trip to their tip and dump the stuff there.

24 Oct '19

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19 Oct '20

I just like to give Anyjunk a shout. They were super helpful, very communicative, and offer a great service. You can book online for the next day!

29 Mar '21

Has anyone been to Churchfields in Covid times? Just wondering whether they still let non-Bromley residents in at the moment.

29 Mar '21

I put some on Gumtree as free for collection. People use them for building projects. The bloke who took mine was using it under decking. Went in a couple of days.

29 Mar '21

Hi. I’m based in Forest Hill and offer a rubbish clearance service. I can come around and have a look to give you a quote if you want.