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Childminder Recommendations

27 Jun '16

Hello members. I am desperately seeking to find or get recommendations for a reliable child-sitter for a 10 year old. Mostly, after school, evenings or weekends at my home. Just an adult supervision, no school runs, no cooking, no cleaning, no homework etc required and only an ad-hoc basis. Please let me know :slight_smile:

11 Jul '16


I’m looking for a small job, to get me through A- levels ads summer. I’m 16, and have 1o year old sister, who i regularly look after so know how charming they can be.

Would love to help you out,

Aisling O’Brien

14 Jul '16

@Aisling, @Bibi please respond using this private chat. Thanks

22 Feb '17

Hello, My husband and I are moving to Forest Hill in April and we have a 2 year old daughter. She has been at nursery for the past year and loves it, but we were told that it could be 6-12 month wait to get a nursery place. So we are looking for a childminder in the area. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also open to nanny-share if the costs+location work out.

22 Feb '17

Good luck with your move and let me wish you an early welcome to the neighbourhood.

I am not sure which nurseries you’ve spoken to, but there is a wide choice in the area and depending on the days / hours you want, you may not have to wait so long. If a nursery was your first choice, perhaps still might be possible.

23 Feb '17

Thank you Dave. We are very excited to move to the area. I have contacted Rubadubs since they would be the nearest to us. I am hoping to hear from them in March about any availability. I am going to contact Townsend Montessori as well. If she doesn’t get a place in either then we need to look for a local childminder.

23 Feb '17

Both our children went to Faith Montessori just down the South Circular beyond the fire station towards Catford. Really loving recommend them enough.

7 Mar '17

Hi i am looking for a childminder to care for my son who will be one year old for June to September five days a week. Please let me know of recommendations. Many thanks!

8 Mar '17

@BrightStar There is a Facebook group called Childminders of SE23. You can ask to join that and post there.

9 Mar '17

Thank you :))

9 Mar '17

I’ve pointed a lovely middle aged lady to this post today - who is wonderful at looking after kids.

She will probably join & post her availability over the next couple of days :slight_smile:

10 Mar '17

Oh great thank you Pauline!

26 Mar '17

Good evening,
My name is Sarah and I live near Forest Hill Train Station. I am currently looking for a babysitting/nanny position. I have a level 2 Childcare qualification, clear CRB and first aid certificate.
Please feel free to ask me any questions.
Best wishes,

26 Mar '17


I’m looking for a childminder for my son from April 2017 - he’ll be 10 months old. We live on Faversham Road, SE6 and are looking for someone within 10/15 mins walking distance if at all possible. Please contact me on 0751 7807734 if you are interested.

Many thanks,


26 Mar '17

@niamhkm @SarahK - I have removed a cross-post and combined two topics on childminders.

Apologies for the loss of continuity. I hope all childminders and childminder-seekers find what they’re looking for.

Friendly reminder to all members: before posting something that may have been posted before, have a quick look for existing topics using the tool - thanks :slight_smile:

21 Jul '17


I’m looking for a childminder who can do drop-offs and pick-ups at Eliot Bank School, starting from September, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Our son will be starting in reception and their breakfast and after school clubs are completely full. None of the childminders on Lewisham council’s site have any vacancies either.

Any recommendations would be appreciated, too!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

21 Jul '17

Hi @Mat - maybe try messaging @LiseOfFH. She offers that exact service for Eliot Bank - unfortunately she’s already at capacity for next year, but might know other registered childminders from the ‘school gate’ club.

21 Jul '17

Thank you @armadillo

21 Jul '17

Hi @mat

My girls started in Little Diamonds after school club, until we got place at the school club. So you may want to have a look at other clubs that do pickup from/to school.

I expect there will be movement on the waiting list as circumstances change and new places can get created.

Good luck

21 Jul '17

@MajaHilton I found a lovely-seeming childminder this afternoon who can do drop-offs. Thanks very much for your suggestions.

4 Jan '19


We are completely new to the area, hoping to finalise our property purchase and move into the area in February.

We have a 3 month old daughter and will be looking for childcare options from May. Is anyone interested in a nanny share? Or does anyone have a child minder in the area that they recommend?

All and any suggestions would be much appreciated!


4 Jan '19


Our friend’s old nanny Ioana has returned to London and is looking for a full time nanny position. Immediate start.

Ideally she would like 4 or 5 days per week, looking after babies up to pre-schoolers. She’s happy to do a nanny share. She has 8 years experience and speaks English, Romanian and Italian. She has great references.

I have known Ioana for about 2 years and she’s worked for us on an ad hoc basis. She’s great with the children, neat and tidy; a safe pair of hands.

Please get in touch with me and I’ll forward her details.

4 Feb '20

Hello. Our son (Year 5) is transferring to Prendergast Ladywell this month. Unfortunately, we just discovered there aren’t enough places in Wrap Around Care. We are looking for someone to help collect him from school and watch him on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Please contact me if you know anyone that may be able to help.

Thanks so much!