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Where to watch the Royal wedding?

18 May '18

Does anyone know anywhere local that would be good to watch the royal wedding tomorrow ? Pub / Park / other ?

18 May '18

They are showing it in the Chandos, if you have absolutely nothing better todo :wink:

18 May '18

Just received an email from The Rosendale in Dulwich - they’re having a garden party. Not my thing, but looks like it could be fun:


18 May '18

Thanks all. It’s not massively my thing but I figure if I must endure it I might as well do it in a favourable environment (ie pub)

18 May '18

The Dulwich Woodhouse is showing it in their garden.

18 May '18

If you did want a park, Greenwich Park by the maritime museum are showing it. Announced that on local BBC news tonight.

20 May '18

Still haven’t seen any of it, what was the dress like?

21 May '18

Amused to see all these grim-faced Roundheads anxiously making it clear that it’s ‘not their thing’!

I watched at home. I thought it was wonderful - made me proud to be English. The bride looked amazing (the dress was white if I remember correctly, Pauline) and I’m sure most men watching will have fallen at least a little bit in love with her. The only disappointing feature was the music - a bit run-of-the-mill, I thought, with the notable exception of the thrilling Handel which the bride came in to.

Health and happiness to TRH the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! God save the Queen!

21 May '18

Scots roundhead here with republican and independent tendencies.

Had no real intentions to plan to watch it - but found elements captivating.

Made me proud to be British.

I thought the music was eclectic and in that definition it almost certainly had something for everyone. Some of the performances were spell-binding.

21 May '18

A great ceremony, made a little cringy (but entertaining) by the American preacher and his over-running, protocol-smashing sermon. The reactions in the crowd were priceless

Official photos just released:

21 May '18

I was one of the lighting crew that lit the chapel.

23 May '18

The cellist from the wedding: Apple Music features artist performing in Brockley

22 Jul '18

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