Archived on 6/5/2022

Dog Groomers

28 May '18

Continuing the discussion from Moving to the area:

28 May '18

I take my dog to the Groom Room in Pets at Home in Sydenham. They are very good and amazingly patient with my bonkers spaniel.

28 May '18

Ok thanks I’ll take a look. We spend most of our money in Pets at Home so might as well spend the rest of it in their groomers :joy:

31 Oct '18

We used Sydenham Grooming today with our poodle and he’s come back looking pretty good. The owner has a good little set up in the back of the shop and can still impulse toys and treats on the way out

11 Nov '20

Bumping this thread. On the lookout for a mobile dog groomers if anyone has a recommendation? Thanks