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29 Jul '18


We have seen a couple of cracks opening in the brickwork of a bay window. Can anyone please recommend a surveyor, if that’s what we need?

Many thanks. This hot weather has a lot to answer for!

30 Jul '18

Houses move and this is probably only soil shrinkage due to the long period of dry weather.
An old trick is to leave the hosepipe running overnight under the bay.
I’ve seen this where someone filled the internal cracks either side of the bay and the following morning all the filler had been squeezed out.

30 Jul '18

Ooh, interesting… Thanks for the tip.
These are external cracks, though, each a few mm wide and 30 cm long. Maybe we’ll just keep an eye on them for now.

30 Jul '18

Is it an old brick-built house?
Even some structural cracking can be cured cheaply by raking-out a few lines of pointing and fitting some 1 metre long thin stainless steel rods.
But take some photos with close-ups of a ruler against the cracks and just monitor it for a few months.
Also PM your address to me if you want and I’ll have a quick look when I’m passing.

30 Jul '18

If you do need to go for a building surveyor, I used this firm in a recent house move. They were helpful when a possible thermal crack was being mentioned in a adjoining property and advising the best course of action.

1 Jul '19

Hi @Edd. Did you find a surveyor? If you used Anderson Associates any further feedback?

9 Apr '21


It looks very much like I’m moving down the road to Sydenham (:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:) – the potential new pad is a very different kettle of Victorian fish to the shiny new build flat I currently live in. So I’m going to need a local surveyor.

There’s only one recommendation on the thread. Did anyone have any joy with them?

Or could anyone help me out with further recommendations?

Would really appreciate it!

4 Mar '22

Hello people. I am local, moving locally and in need of a trusted surveyor to undertake a home buyers survey. Does anyone have positive experience with a firm? Many thanks in advance.