A Crossing at Perry Vale? (by underpass)



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Is there any point in debating this back and forth? All residents can do is ask for a crossing. After that, its type and placement IF one is offered will be down to Lewisham’s traffic engineers to decide.


Totally agree, I shall leave it there, I think I have made my point, now its over to them :slight_smile:


Maybe relocating the solar powered warning sign from Mayow Road where it is totally ineffective…as difficult to get to 20 on that stretch due to parking buses etc.
Zebra crossings are a licence to jump out in front of cars with righteousness so a button operation may test patience but we have to try it. Perhaps we can use Cambridge Analytica to engender pedestrian compliance?


Before we get too bogged down in whether a crossing will increase or decrease the accident rate I just want to take another moment to remind of other reasons to introduce a crossing.

A crossing of any type will increase accessibility between the station and the east side of Perry Vale. There are many users who cannot cross the road due to mobility issues and because there is no existing safe pedestrian crossing. For this to be outside of our community station is a travesty.


To my mind there must be a solution… Currently the situation is less than ideal.

Some initial quick fixes would be:

  1. New and better road markings as the current markings are practically non-existent.
  2. Additional traffic calming measures on the southern approach (before the bend) to slow traffic down before it reaches the main crossing area. Many vehicles have lost control on this stretch.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

More long term how about a hybrid solution that takes into account the fact the main crossing point is on a bend… Here are some propositions:

  1. Traffic lights encapsulate a wider area so traffic approaching from either direction has good site lines to the stop signal.
  2. There are two main fully synchronised crossing points at either end with additional pedestrian lights and guide rails and a good buffer time between signal changeovers.
  3. The entire crossing area is raised and semi-pedestrianised with clear visual differentiation (e.g. red tarmac) to the approach roads on either side.
  4. The road path would de deviated slightly to allow for a delivery bay near the shops and businesses. Currently delivery vans mount the pavement willy-nilly.

(Screen grabs courtesy of Google Maps!)

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That’s a brilliant proposal and solves many of the problems mentioned in this topic.

I assume all the traffic lights would be in-sync (that is, lights at one end would be red at the same time as at the other end)?

Great work, and nice diagram too! :+1:


Thanks Chris!

Yes — the idea is lights would be in sync… So pressing the cross button at either set would activate the stop lights. There would be a reasonable amount of buffer time before the “green man” appeared to give vehicular traffic time to clear the entire crossing area.

Hopefully the whole area would have a more sedate pace — which can only be a good thing for the businesses there. I’m sure the Perry Vale suffered because of the speed of the traffic… There were at least two accidents in which cars smashed into the wall by the Perry Vale. It certainly completely put me off from sitting out or lingering around there!


Looks great. Please add in a lift to get to platform 2 as well :wink:


This is an excellent suggestion and one that seems to perfectly deal with the dilemma of where to put the crossing: by the tunnel or by the entrance to the station? Great work, @featherbelly.


a great idea - pretty much what I suggested earlier. a really wide pedestrian crossing.
I drove up there the other day, and was only doing 20, and I don’t think the site lines are that short. though I’m not a typical driver, I would say that I’m a lot safer than most people I see driving, so to say ‘I think I’d be ok, and stop in time, and see pedestrians’ doesn’t mean that everyone else would. but the 20mph limit certainly helps the cause, and drivers will be going slower so will have more time to see the lights change.
I don’t see the need for extended orange phase to allow cars to clear the second light if already past the first one, it’ll just encourage cars to drive through the first one on orange. I don’t see a problem with cars going past the first crossing and having to stop on the raised part at the second one.
someone should make an official representation to the council highways team with that map - you never know, they might take notice.


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Shush you. He’s got enough on his hands. Wait till next week. :wink:


I wasn’t aware that there would be any let up next week.

I think it is certainly worth presenting some ideas to the head of transport at the same time as the petition is presented, which will be after the election in May.

Other suggestions are welcome on how this road can be made safer for pedestrians. Whatever way it can be made to happen I hope people will continue to join the 872 people who have already signed the petition.


So the idea is there is only “one set” of lights which are set far apart — like each direction at a 4-way junction, but without a “crossing” (if that makes sense). There are additional lights at the pedestrian crossings but these do not face the traffic but are to guide/aid pedestrians at each marked crossing — particularly those who are visually impaired or with mobility issues. The central section is a traffic free zone when the lights are on the red (stop) phase.

Not sure of the viability of all this in terms of traffic crossing regulations… It seems achieve-able!


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there are different ways of doing it, of course, but I was thinking of something with 4 traffic light poles, two at either end, at either side of the road, with a large raised section, that would act as a wide crossing space, but whatever is suggested would need to be built to the agreed standards that the council highways section use, and also with the various highways acts in terms of signs, road markings etc.
Traffic Signs, Regulations, and General Directions 2016 (http://tsrgd.co.uk/)


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What happens now? Will Forest Hill Society present the petition to the local council?