A Day Out from Forest Hill [2016-2018]

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I like a walk so I pop down to Farnborough on the A21 which is a quick drive. Lots of green to wander around in and if you fancy you can pop into Down House or have a nice pot of Tea and Cake


Brighton and the South Coast round there are easy to get to on the train changing at East croydon if trains are running. Brighton might be a bit obvious but some of the other stops past Brighton enroute to Chichester might give you something different.

Easy to get to Sevenoaks (direct train from Crofton Park) and lovely park there. ditto direct train up to St Albans and you can see the Roman ruins there plus nice parks, pubs etc.

In London, Greenwich is obviously v close but my parents recently enjoyed exploring the Rangers House and then a walk round the park, see the deer and to the sail loft for lunch.

Recently went to Hampton Court on the train and it’s pretty easy to get to plus nice stroll along the river etc.

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You still can’t beat a trip along the Thames for a good day out.
Touristy I know - but still good fun for all that if the weather is fine…

For me it’s more fun to go upriver from (say) Westminster as far as Kew, The scenery mutates from gritty urban through expensive nouveau riche to almost bucolic…

Take a stroll round Kew Gardens - or if you are less exercise inclined, a leisurely lunch at one of the several decent pubs in the locality - and then either a boat back downriver or a fast train into Waterloo.


All excellent suggestions. I’ve also been looking at options using Thameslink from Catford. At the end of one line is Rochester.

Any thoughts on Rochester?

I went to a photowalk in Rochester on the day of the annual Charles Dickens festival. Got some photos I was pleased with:

Sadly I think we’ve missed this year’s festival, but there is something going on at Christmas:


Thanks. It does look lovely.

If you like walking look up the Green Chain http://www.greenchain.com/site/index.php, which goes through One Tree Hill, Horniman’s Gardens. A nice walk to either Crystal Palace, Dulwich Village or Nunhead Cemetry; or strike out further to Mottingham, Woolwich etc.

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Here are some walks that a local put together, Shoreham, Eynsford and Otford stations all easy to get to on Thameslink service to Sevenoaks from Crofton Park / catford.

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Ooh and I didn’t realise it was easy to get to Hever on the train from East croydon. https://localkentwalks.wordpress.com/walk-9-hever-circular-nr-edenbridge-5-miles/

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Have you been to Chislehurst Caves yet?

I love it here, it’s not far & you could make either a morning, afternoon or full day of it (if you went wandering & want to eat out too).


Some might think it’s more suited to kids & families, but I think it’s a fab day out for adults too :slight_smile:


Train to LB (when working) and then the Thames Clipper to Docklands and back or a river boat down to Greenwich, London by river is a very different place to the one by Road. I love that trip.


Severndroog Castle in Shooters Hill woods is worth a visit, but make sure you go on a day when you can go up the tower, as its not every day they open it.

Eltham Palace is another good local attraction. Both can be reached via the 122, then a fifteen minute walk.


I was also going to suggest Eltham Palace. Lovely house and gardens. It’s one of my favourite places. It really feels like you’re escaping London, even though it’s just down the road.


You can just about get to Brighton by train, or if you don’t mind a longer journey Bogner or Chichester are worth a visit. You just change at East Croydon

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There’s a nice ideas from the Londonist on underrated day trips. I like the sound of Ham House and Marble Hill House. And whales.

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If fresh air, lovely views and a good pub lunch are your bag, then try this lovely walk -

I’ve done it a few times and personally prefer the anti-clockwise route. Have a good one for those having to work!

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Cycling included? To cut out the urban bits take a bike to Hayes on the train from Catford. Plot a circular cycle route via a cafe at a suitable distance using mostly country lanes. Westerham , Ide Hill , Shoreham, Otford and Down spring to mind but plenty of pleasant route options depending on time/distance preferences.

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Depending on the trains, may be a bit more than an hour, but Arundel is wonderful. The castle is the oldest inhabited castle in England after Windsor; the keep dates to the Norman Conquest. The gardens are lovely and the surrounding fields are worth walking around. They used to have mock jousting tournaments on the August bank holiday weekend.

There’s a small lake you can row in. The town itself is very pretty, with antique places and old-fashioned sweets shops with parma violets and sugar mice.


How do I get to Arundel from Forest Hill. Have been there a few years back with a walking group, and remember it being gorgeous.

Continues here: Great day trips from SE23 - Discuss them here!