A lovely little note on a local shop window

I think this is so sweet … The lady (Debbie) that runs this little gem of a shop opposite the train station, is allowing children to enter payment plans to buy gifts for Mum and Dad this year !
It really warmed my heart :heartbeat:
What a lovely local incentive.
We passed this on the school run today (I had to take a pic )
My 7 year old said he would like to get me the candle sticks in the window (for our special Christmas dinner )
We plan on returning tomorrow- so that he can discuss the details with the shop owner, though I’m not sure how they will go after him if he doesn’t keep to his pocket money plan lol :joy:
Knowing the lovely interactions I have had with the store already , I’ll take my chances :blush:


I hope it’s done on a layaway basis (“the seller reserves an item for a consumer until the consumer completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item”-wikipedia)… not keen on the idea of 7 y.o’s getting credit.

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I’m sure your right , about the layaway basis.
I’m looking forward to finding out how it all works later today, I’ll let you know.
And quite agree about the idea of encouraging kids to get credit is not good, but I think it’s lovely to offer them a payment plan. It’s not something you would get from the other high street stores around here and something I haven’t seen before from a store before so again, I’m impressed.

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I bought my first book that way. The first book bought and paid for by me and not bought for me a relative or borrowed from a library. I still have it and still reread it every few years: a hardback edition of White Fang. I can’t remember how I knew about the story but I was desperate to read it. The kind newsagent in our nearest village in Scotland ordered it in for me and I’d get off the school bus several stops early to pay my sixpence a week and look at it. Eventually he took pity on my desperate yearning and let me have the book before I’d finished paying my installments.


I love that ! Very wholesome