A message from the moderators

Hello everyone

Firstly, we’d like to recap on the team changes made in the last week or so.

Chris (owner and founder of se23.life @anon5422159 has dropped out of the moderator team. He will now focus his efforts on the the admin side of things, which in practice means all the UI, security, backups, etc required, as well as applying updates to the system to keep the site as modern as it is. From a technical and user experience perspective, we believe (and have been fed back) that is one of the best designed forums and easiest to use around - that is down to Chris. Simply put, the forum would be nothing without his input.

The moderator team remains formed of myself @oakr , Dom @applespider John @Londondrz and Nick @Foresthillnick. 3 of us live locally and have done so for many many years, @Londondrz lived locally for 16 years, and despite moving away, offered to continue helping moderate the forum from afar - thank you @Londondrz.

We hope you like the team structure above. There are no plans to change this in the near future, bar my position as a moderator which I aim to vacate. We’ve asked for moderator nominations, please continue to forward them as per this thread: https://se23.life/t/se23-life-team-changes-and-moderator-nominations/12592

Over the last week, the moderators have put a huge amount of time and energy into keeping the forum running as smoothly as possible. There have been numerous threads and direct messages that have required far more time than normal. This, I’m afraid, is not sustainable for anyone in the moderation team. Threads along these lines will be closed to further replies.

If anyone has genuine constructive feedback they would like to see discussed or implemented, please either use the site feedback category when you post to the forum, or if you prefer you message @moderators directly.

All the moderators joined the moderation team to try and positively contribute to the smooth running of this site. That remains our aim and we hope and believe that is what the membership as a whole want also.

As such, we wish to get back to having a site dedicated to items SE23 related which hopefully can have a positive impact on those reading - be that updates, groups etc. We want to make sure everyone feels this is a great place to come for advice, to meet people, to start a campaign etc and in that regard we want to ensure everyone follows community guidelines. At it’s most basic level, this is straightforward - just be nice to everyone, disagree by all means, but do so constructively and without malice.

Finally we’d like to thank those who have posted or messaged to thank the team - it has been very welcome!