A new strategy for Blythe Hill Fields

Hello everyone, we hope you are well, in general but also at the moment especially.

While it is difficult to have any short-term certainty in the current climate, we have continued to plan the future of how we will act as a group representing the best interests of Blythe Hill Fields.

With this in mind, the Committee is very proud to present the Friends of Blythe Hill Fields’ strategy and work plan for 2020/21 and beyond, which you can find here - https://www.blythehillfields.org.uk/news/new-strategy.

As ever, this group relies on the time and dedication of a team of volunteers - if you want to join us in a general capacity or to deliver a specific project (as detailed below or your own brainchild) please do get in touch.

Many thanks

Tim Part, FoBHF Chair


A toilet block would be fantastic! I realise not on the current list of proposals, but as a future item?


Years ago there was a toilet block by the play park and an office for the Parkie as well as a drinking fountain.

Don’t attract too many people though! The space is part of its charm!

This looks like a great strategy, well done.
I would be interested in volunteering in some capacity, I walk my dog there frequently and I have school holidays free.
Can I ask - whats the deal with the boggy nature of the fields from September to April?
And given the increase in human waste in the bushes around the perimeter recently, are there any plans to help prevent it?
I like the idea of an older children’s play area. There is a great example of one in Lucas Gardens in Camberwell. Very natural but big sturdy wooden equipment.


Hi Cari

Thanks very much! We would love for you to get involved - I’ll make sure you are added to our Friends Whatsapp group (ping me your number on chair@blythehillfields.org.uk).

The bogginess is something that we can raise with Lewisham Council / Glendale and look at ways to alleviate it (forking? more mowing?).

We did discuss the downsides of the extra use during a lockdown summer (including the issue you raise above) and will be working with the council on ways to stop litter, bbqs and less savoury things. e.g. through more signage. Look out for the minutes of the meeting we had 10 days ago (as soon as I get an hour off from work / kids I’ll be writing them up).

Thanks for the pointer on Lucas Gardens, we will do a recce!

Look forward to meeting soon


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