A Pavement Park for Perry Vale



Hi Everyone

I’m writing to share some early ideas to green the Perry Vale pavement along the side of the railway line.

The proposal is to install large juice barrel planters, which has been done very successfully throughout Waterloo. You can see some of the planters there at this link: http://www.gomoodboard.com/boards/vCiiJd44/share

The images associated with the post are ‘artists impressions’ but give you a sense of the vision we have for the site.

If successful the planters could be the first step in a larger scheme in which the planters could be installed throughout the town center.

If you’re interested in helping to refine the concept and implement the project please do get in touch.

I’m delighted to share that as a first step in the process the Forest Hill Society have agreed to support a funding proposal to the Perry Vale Ward Assembly.


They do look nice but they also look like they obscure the pavement a fair bit. Is that just down to artistic license?


Love it


There is no way Lewisham Council would allow this to obstruct the pavement. I believe the photo montage is just to give a taste of what it might look like.

It is a very wide pavement in places (particularly near the phone box). It would be much easier to walk down than sections of London Road (with a badly positioned bus stop).