A small personal victory (wheelie bins)

There is a house on my street which is used as a hostel. Due to this fact, the people living there in the various flats care very little for the place. With one regular sized wheelie bin (with no lid) between 6-7 flats, it gets full, especially as most seem to live on takeaways, and there are a number of babies there.

Needless to say, those darn foxes go through the bin like a dose…

Today, after much moaning at Lewisham about the facilities available to them there, they finally agreed to order a new bin for the property. Until now they have demanded someone from the house needs to make the request.

The things I do for my community… :joy:

Anyway, just sharing.


Well done mate.

On a related note, do you know anything about the owner of this place? If antisocial behaviour in this house is affecting neighbouring homes it might be worth having a word with the council (HMO)? This story springs to mind:

Na as a whole they are ok. A few noisy cars and bikes from time to time, but nothing that bothers me.
Each time a new person moves in, they open the mailbox (wall mounted) let it all fall to the floor, then start using it lol.

Only issue there is no one is there long enough to care. Thats for them to live in, but the rubbish on the streets is not on.

We have a similar situation in Ebsworth St with the flat at the end of the road nearest the Nap. Seems to be occupied by a whole bunch of young people doing suspiciously little during the working week, other than standing outside the door, smoking, drinking and leaving empty drinks bottles out on the pavement next to a recycling bin.

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Sounds delightful, not!
Every street probably has someone like that really.
For me, walking the dogs past a pile of household waste is not on.

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Never mind being layabouts, not recycling is horrific

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