About the Streetscape category


Streets, buildings and street furniture that form the area’s character. Problem reports, planning etc, but also a celebration of SE23’s charm.


Perfect :slight_smile: Sounds like a good collection of topics to me. Good that they have a proper home and not just mixed in with the rest.


It’s already the third most popular category by number of topics so definitely a good suggestion.


Fantastic stuff. I have to be honest and say I think the topics covered in the category are some of the most pressing that locals want to have a say on. General questions like the fly tipping, ongoing issues with building works, and road repairs are usually hot topics.

It is also nice in the “uncategorised” section allowing and in fact welcoming general chatter. I think over recent years this has become far less acceptable in other places. But lets be honest. We all want to have a little natter from time to time. In fact, I am going to post something now, just for fun lol

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