Access to Perry Vale Car Park?

Does anyone know how to access Perry Vale car park while the sink hole repairs are going on? Is traffic passing along Waldram Crescent and past the subway? I couldn’t access the car park tonight from the Perry Vale side without passing through the barriers. Which was tempting with an empty road, but I didn’t! I need to use the car park tomorrow.

I think the reason the barrier has an opening is to allow access to the car park and the side street. I saw drivers interpreting that way.

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I did wonder about that, but there’s no ‘access only’ sign.

@RachaelDunlop The access is to, well, give you access. Just not a thoroughfare.

Thanks. I haven’t been around past that point, so didn’t know if traffic was still coming up Waldram Crescent and the access was to let them through in a one-way system. It was late last night when I tried to get to the car park and there was little other traffic around to indicate what was happening.

A lot of vehicles are accessing from Perry Vale side.

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