Accountant recommendation required

I’m looking for an accountant that specialises or has experience in property rental for landlords.

@Anotherjohn is probably your man with suggestions on this :slight_smile:

ETA or also maybe @BMSE23

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Not a recommendation, as I haven’t had personal experience of using them, but I know of a firm called which is specifically aimed at small companies/sole traders. I’ve swapped a few amusing Twitter exchanges with senior partner Elaine Clark - She seems bright and committed to the plight of SMEs, especially when it comes to their dealings with HMRC!

Worth having a read of this before you commit to any firm:

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Bit of a minefield in my experience but like in all walk of life, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Happy to recommend a couple that I’ve dealt with in the past who have been very good. DM me and I’ll dig their details out and send them over to you.

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Thanks for Elaine Clark’s twitter link Andy, I just filled in her survey & followed her :slight_smile:


Straightforward accounting for landlords is pretty simple. However, with the new S24 measures coming in from April, many landlords are looking for new ideas on how to run their particular operation in the most tax-efficient way. Obviously, I don’t know anything about your situation but my advice is to proceed with extreme caution at the moment because landlord taxation is a very fluid subject right now and I can tell you that very few of the ‘experts’ out there really understand the full implications - especially when it comes to proper tax planning for the long term and with ones partners/spouses and children becoming involved.
I’d be happy to give you some good pointers if you want.
(I’m off to bed now though!)