After school nanny wanted 4days wk - with driving license



We’re new to se23 and looking for an after school nanny to share with a plan. We’re in Honor Oak. The kids are at school in Catford and would need picking up 3.30 -4 and then hanging out at home until about 6 including dinner. It would be 3 days with both kids and 1 day with just one

The kids are both 4

Is this for you? We hope so. Please do email


Hoping this doesn’t count as advertising, and you may want to go without an agency anyway, but a mate runs a business that might be able to help you out here. It’s called Koru Kids,

They filmed some of their publicity material with a nanny who lives on Darmouth Road, by coincidence…


We actually tried Koru (I know Rachel) and they kind of let us down. They suggested one person and then after a few chases from us we heard that they didn’t actually have that person in any way secured or lined up for a role (ours or another persons). If you have a better way to use them I would really welcome suggestions


Gah, sorry to hear that. I’m not a user myself, just someone who also knows Rachel :slight_smile: