Aggressive and Violent beggar on Overground today



Great excuse to pull the alarm imo.


There was a similar discussion last year… see here

I have to say, at the suggestion of local police on the forum I contacted BTP after the incident and was really impressed by the quick response I received. They checked in a couple of times with progress and said they knew who that individual was (also offered me victim support, which I declined), I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I haven’t seen the travelling poet since and I’m commuting to Shoreditch every day again.

More info on reporting to BTP


Maybe that’s the answer (let’s hope so)
Quite possibly not enough people are reporting to BTP, or not reporting the same man/woman enough.:wink:


BTP have started a small but dedicated tasking team dedicated to this very issue specifically on the overground. It hasn’t been operating long, but has already yielded results and several arrests. As you can imagine, this is a widespread problem, and one that often doesn’t attract deterrent penalties, so the team has its work cut out! Please report sightings discreetly by text on 61016.