Aggressive Beggar / 'Travelling Poet' on Overground



While I do not condone aggressive begging I do feel compassion for them. I am incredibly fortunate. I have a home, a job and food in my belly every day. These guys in most cases in a lot of pain with addictions and struggling to survive. NHS support services covering mental health and addiction issues have been cut to the bone and as a result the problems manifest on the streets and on trains.


Don’t do yourself down - I’m sure you enjoy these things because you work hard and make the right choices in life - not because of blind luck.


Sure, but let’s be honest. Who thinks to themselves when they are kids ‘When I grow up I want to be an addict and beg on trains’ ?
It’s a consequence of a series of traumatic events in a person’s life that leads them to the point of standing in front of irritated commuters begging for the next hit. Addiction is a consequence of trauma.
Obviously it’s not ok for that aggressive male addict to intimidate people for money. Hopefully he is caught and given a consequence. I still feel sad for them when I see them beg.


That’s a bit presumptous, Chris. How do you know? Unless you know this person and their background in RL, that is.

Sometimes people are in a good position in life purely through good luck - I count myself as one such. And actually, some bad luck in my early life that had the side effect of giving me the financial freedom to buy my own house in London when the market was down. 100% luck, both good and bad.

Some people work harder than any of us can ever imagine and make good, sound decisions at every turn and still find themselves in dire circumstances, blindsided by misfortune entirely beyond their control.


Edited my post to begin “I’m sure”


With respect Rachael, so is the post above. I am not sure all addiction is the result of trauma, I have known so very well off kids when I was at school who had everything but felt drugs were cool. They were not. Two died of overdoses.


My exact point. We can’t assume to know why any other person is in the position they are, good or bad.


With respect to the assumption rich kids from nice families don’t experience trauma I’d guess that they might have experienced relational small t trauma if all looks fine on the surface. Emotional neglect sets up people for a hard time self regulating difficult emotions and makes them prime candidates for addiction. Dr Gabor Mates book called ‘Realm of Hungry Ghosts’ explores the causes of addiction in a beautifully compassionate way. It’s a great read for anyone looking to gain insight into addiction and its causes.