Aggressive shouting man in HOP

Is anyone else suffering with encountering this incredibly aggressive individual who continually walks the streets of HOP shouting at everyone he meets? I suspect he is not a well man, but his behaviour scares my child during the day, and then he wakes us up during the early hours with his shouting. It is actually becoming pretty intolerable.

I know this sounds a bit of a rant but we have been suffering broken sleep for weeks now and it seems to be getting worse if anything, and that is not fair.

If anyone has any suggestions other than to contact the next to useless council, I would be very grateful to hear them, thank you.

You should try contacting SLAM, a mental health support service or the police. All the best :+1:


It’s not ‘The Aggressive Beggar’ (TAB) come back again is it ? He has not been seen for a while.

I don’t think he was around HOP.

@Jerry I suspect there is a good chance they reside at the centre on the corner of Brockley Rise and Ackroid Road. Not sure how you contact them / how to make them aware (though suspect they are already).

Alternatively you could report to 101 or the local Safer Neighbourhood team.

I can fully understand why your child might feel scared, I suspect some adults would as well, though if it is the person I am thinking of I think they are often actually talking to themselves or someone in thier mind, rather than at you specifically. I live on the main road and also periodically hear them waling down shouting.

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The hostel on Brockley Rise is called Honor Lea and their contact details are on google. If this individual is one of their residents I suspect they will be more effective than the council or the police.

PS This hostel is not to be confused with the land where Puff the Magic Dragon frolicked in the autumn mist.

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I know who you mean. Sometimes its in the day, but usually around 3am, and he seems to be worse lately. Short of calling the police, I’m not sure what to do about him other than ignore him, scary as he is.

If it’s the same person I’ve seen, they confronted my husband the other day accusing him of starting on him and spat at him. It was not a pleasant experience at all. I’ve seen them shouting to no one in particular before but this was targeted and aggressive.

That sounds worrying - I think that is definitely one to report. We’ve seen with other issues the police seem to need a number of reported issues before it is prioritised so worth getting it recorded.