Air conditioned spaces


Does anyone have suggestions of good air conditioned pubs or cafes in SE23 (with wifi if possible but not a deal breaker) to go and sit in this afternoon? It is so hot!

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I’m spinning out my trips to Sainsbury’s to take advantage of its cool.


The Great Exhibition in East Dulwich is very nicely air conned. Been assured it was lovey and cold last night.

Costa is cold

Chandos was cool yesterday.

The Hill seems to be getting recommended over on the Twitter thread:

If you keep all curtains and blinds closed and just open all windows about an inch or two open home should be cold and cool, has worked for me, but boy it was hot when I left home today.

We did this though had most Windows shut. Wouldn’t say it was cool, but was definitely a lot cooler than outside!

Going to try and see if anyone does those external blinds they have in Spain, where you can lower them from inside the house but they pull down outside. Good security but also really keeps the house cool as the sun does not hit the windows at all, and good for leaving windows open at night without worrying anyone can get in.

You have to open all windows to let the breeze flow in all directions, does work but you have to be at home really to keep all windows open.

I’m with @oakr, if the air outside is hotter than inside then keep windows shut to keep it out. If you want a breeze you could use a fan.

I hung a couple of survival blankets outside the big south facing windows too.

But tbh, none of this compares to AC.

Yes it’s true. I got home at about 18:00 and opened the windows and it got hotter going from about 28 up to 30°C :hot_face:

What’s that graph from? A nest, or similar?

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Yes, it’s a screenshot from the Hive thermometer :slight_smile:

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