Airbnb in Forest Hill

Hi, we are thinking about doing occasional Airbnb lets in our flat when on holiday. However I worry about leaving handover cleaning between visits to cleaners we don’t know very well (we use the Handy app mostly which can be quite hit and miss and is too much to ask of someone who doesn’t know our house well). Does anyone have someone reliable who could do cleaning and also get to know us a bit? We would pay quite a bit more for house changeovers between guests and if the person is local and reliable would also want to employ them for regular cleaning too. It’s pretty irregular but we would let out the house three or four weeks of the year so probably ten handovers a year. Any recommendations?

We have used Elena as our cleaner for 2 years now and think she does a really great job of cleaning. Nothing is too big or small for her to do. Her number is ‭+44 7702 296169‬.

Just a suggestion but you should maybe send someone else’s phone number privately rather than put it on a public forum.


Hey Andy,

I checked with Elena first before posting and she was happy and grateful for the free advertising! But good shout to never post personal details on a public forum.