Aircraft Noise over SE23 [2019]

I wrote to the Mayor’s office when the consultation came our asking for what his response was going to be. I got this response last week

Thank you for writing to the Mayor on 1 July about City Airport. I have been asked to respond on his behalf. The Mayor has repeatedly said that where airport growth takes place it should not be at the expense of London’s environment or the health of its residents. London City Airport’s draft master plan appears to be a first step towards seeking an easing of restrictions at the airport, with potentially significant consequences for our environment, transport network and personal health and wellbeing.
Officers at the Greater London Authority and Transport for London are carefully scrutinising the detail of the proposals set out in London City Airport’s draft master plan. This work will inform the Mayor’s response to the consultation, which will be made in September.
Thank you again for writing to the Mayor, I hope this reassures you the Mayor is committed to standing up for Londoners and our environment.


Forest Hill Society met with Lewisham Council and London City Airport last week to discuss the expansive Masterplan. I presented to Councillors about the flight paths over our area, low altitude concentration, flaws in the London City plans and argued that the Borough should take a clear public position and use their influence to protect the health and wellbeing of Lewisham’s overflown against further aviation expansion over our homes, in the context of the Climate Emergency. Our presentation and briefing was very well received. We recommended that they endorse the London Assembly report from January 2019 ( which incidentally I am pleased to say referenced my own report of August 2018 on the problems over our area).

We will be sharing our responses to the London City Flight path design consultation, and the simultaneous Masterplan consultation with LB Lewisham, again to ensure our analysis can be used in influential places by our elected representatives.

This week I have been invited to meet along with two fellow campaigners with the two key aviation and transport advisers to Sadiq Khan, and hope to put our case directly to them, and to influence the Mayor’s response to the draft Masterplan.

We are discussing the possibility of arranging a public meeting with London City in our area, probably week of 2nd September, when residents from Forest Hill, Honor Oak, Dulwich etc would have the chance to hear from the Airport and ask questions.

The Back the Ban campaign is receiving massive support from London residents, and it is quite possible that the Masterplan expansion will be stopped. Please respond to the Masterplan consultation if you have an opinion.


Not satisfactory that the Mayor did not reply; this issue affects thousands of residents in his Borough.

Indeed, this is a point I made recently in a letter to Ellie Reeves MP. There are no noise standards and there is no authority (local, city-wide, or national) tasked with enforcement. New legislation is urgently required.

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A good meeting today with Sadiq Khan’s team to put the case against London City expansion. We will see what his consultation response is. Meanwhile campaigning efforts are making progress with a firm steer to the airport from its planning authority, Newham. What next?


This is promising, although I would rather there was a focus on the health emergency rather than climate emergency

The health and wellbeing argument is gaining traction and is well understood in meetings with Lewisham councillors and Sadiq Khans team in the last week. But public climate emergency recognition has struck a more urgent chord with politicians and public alike and seems to have supercharged the acceptance that we need to stop and think about aviation expansion.

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The first stage of the London City airport Design Principles consultation ends on Sunday - this is the first stage of a process that will decide what the priorities are for their flight paths as they are reworked, a project that will end in 2025. It’s fairly dry stuff, but important given the massive mistakes they made last time around, ending in concentrated low altitude flights tracking across SE London.

This stage has been aimed at organisations and the Forest Hill Society’s response is linked below. But anyone can comment - feel free to use any of it, or simply copy the recommendations part and endorse it if you have time to pen a few words in an email to London City at .!AuV6NOp8I8tAp1vfUqATNHOgL9KP

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re London City Airport expansion, terrific to see this from Lewisham Council

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to respond to the London City Airport flight path consultation , which ends tomorrow, you don’t need to get all technical. Here’s a clear, heartfelt letter from a local resident which makes clear points. Respond to the consultation at

'Your Response Form is too ambiguous to complete correctly.

First of all, we do not consider that sufficient publicity has been given to this matter. Advertisements in a few freebie newspapers which are not generally available across the area has NOT given the public affected sufficient notice. It also appears to us that with the ongoing Heathrow Consultations, that City Airport are endeavouring to get their Consultations through under the radar.

*London City Airport is situated in a densely populated residential area and consequently their planes flyover a large residential area including South East London at altitudes of 2000 feet or less when they are some 20 miles from touch down. The noise from these planes is such as to interrupt conversation, radio and television etc particularly in hot weather when windows etc are open. *

We do not agree that no new areas should be overflown, the noise and pollution generated by these planes must be shared out more fairly and not targeted on the same unfortunate residents. It is imperative, that as a matter of urgency that residents are NOT overflown by planes from more than one airport. This area of SE London is overflown by both City and Heathrow planes.

*City Airport was built on the understanding that it would be used by turbo prop aircraft and the BAE 146, not the jets now thundering over SE London. In addition, it would be an airport used for business people with the result that there would not be that many flights. Nowadays, planes are thundering over every few minutes. *

It is amazing how we have to respond to numerous Consultations now, but Concentrated Flight Paths were imposed upon us without any prior notice or Consultation.

We are also concerned about safety and pollution with the number of aircraft which fly almost non stop over this area.

Resident’s health should come before profit of airports, particularly when they are not even UK owned."


I clicked on the link at the bottom of your post. This is a great piece of work; thank you ThorNogson for your time and attention. It has a lot more integrity than anything I have seen produced by any of the airports, or NATS or CAA or politicians.

In contrast this is the document from the International Civil Aviation Organization which every country has apparently signed up to:

Apparently what has happened to us (people of Forest Hill and elsewhere in South East London) is in the cause of Environmental Protection:
"Improving the environmental performance of aviation is a challenge ICAO takes very seriously. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Organization developed a range of standards, policies and guidance material for the application of integrated measures to address aircraft noise and emissions embracing technological improvements, operating procedures, proper organization of air traffic, appropriate airport and land-use planning, and the use of market-based options.

All of this has contributed to aircraft operations that today can be 70% more efficient than in the 1970s.

In 2004, ICAO adopted three major environmental goals, to:

a. limit or reduce the number of people affected by significant aircraft noise;"

There we have it - a United Nations Agency (ICAO) decided that we should suffer from a concentrated flight path (a.k.a. “proper organization of air traffic”), in the name of Environmental Protection. Fewer people are to be affected, but those who are affected will suffer an increased level of noise.

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The London City Airport Masterplan consultation ends 20th Sept and we could do with some help. I have a stock of around 300 Defend Your Weekend postcards needing distributing for people to register their objections to the proposed expansion by ticking a few boxes and sending to a Freepost address. You can also drop into the All Inn One to pick one up and fill it in over a pint. The post box is just across the road from the pub.

Could anyone who lives under the flightpath deliver maybe 50 or 100 of these to local homes near you that you know are also affected by the aircraft noise?

We have already covered 700 homes on Horniman Hill, that is the Tewkesbury Estate. Also the homes on the hill the other side of Catford, the Corbett Estate. Climate Action Lewisham have distributed another 200. What about homes around Lordship Lane/ Dulwich Park, or Lowther Hill and Blythe Hill areas? Please PM me if you can do this. I can deliver to you. thanks.

I’d be happy to distribute some flyers around Lowther/Blythe Hill but not sure how to PM?


I’ve enabled PMing for you


HACAN East will be holding a public meeting, jointly with the No3rdRunway Campaign and Plane Hell Action, covering London City and Heathrow expansion on 4th September , 7-9pm, St Mark’s Church Kennington, 337 Kennington Park Rd, SE11 4PW

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Hi - what is the latest on this? Presently we are woken at 4am by aircraft that are literally non stop and it is having a severe effect on my health and I’d like to help… they don’t stop until gone 19pm and I am literally going crazy/don’t want to live here anymore :disappointed:

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I have much sympathy for you and for everyone whose enjoyment of their homes is blighted by aircraft noise. Early morning, before 6.30am planes and late night ones after 10.30 are from Heathrow. Heathrow want to expand massively with the 3rd runway. To learn more about both Heathrow and London City expansions and what we can do about them there are public meetings - one at Kennington on Wed 4 Sept mentioned above in this thread for example.

Heathrow has a consultation open now, and people can write to support or object. The consultation is very complex, and would need most of us to take half a day to work out what is going on and what to say. But one easy way, right now, to object to this is to follow the advice of the London Assembly, which I reproduce here together with their article that it comes from.

copy and paste the below paragraph and send to: ](mailto:

Heathrow expansion fundamentally goes against the UK’s commitment to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality in the capital.

It’s going to make air pollution worse, increase carbon emissions and increase noise, and we don’t support.

I stand with hundreds of others calling for it to be CANCELLED.

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Our local MP Ellie Reeves asked for an emergency parliamentary debate on LCY’s expansion plans in Parliament today. The pompous response from the Leader of the House Jacob Rees Mogg demonstrated that he is far more interested in the “convenience” of City Airport and doesn’t care two hoots for the thousands of plebs that live under its concentrated flight paths. I doubt many planes fly over his castle, maybe a few spitfires or the red arrows… :roll_eyes:


I am glad to see this raised, although the issue of concentrated flight paths was not alluded to.

Fantastic support and initiative from Ellie Reeves. After our meeting with her not long ago, she could hardly support all the effort we have made on behalf of the Forest Hill Society more than by asking in the House of Commons for a Parliamentary debate. That, plus she has endorsed the Society response to the London City Airport masterplan consultation by adding a statement of support. I am also made up with the support from our Forest Hill ward councillors and other Lewisham councillors including Cabinet member Sophie McGeevor who attended the City Airport Consultative committee meeting with me last week, putting a number of extremely critical questions to the airport. Also Len Duvall our London Assembly member who has met with us on a number of occasions. As many will have found, Airports are able to brush off individual complaints. It is harder for them to ignore consistent pressure from our elected representatives.


Still time to respond to London City Airports expansion Masterplan. The impact will be to treble their aircraft numbers flying low over SE London compared to 2017 levels. Recent noise measurements show that their ‘new generation’ aircraft are not perceptibly quieter over SE London than the current ones.