Aircraft noise


Just an acknowledgement, no reply as yet


A response literally just arrived! Very very lengthy, zero help that I can see, think it was posted on 18th June by @ThorNogson but most important line is "There is an opportunity for you to contact the CAA direct on this matter with any statements or objections, by emailing "


I would be happy to be involved with any action to help improve air traffic noise in se23 and SE26. I was woke up this morning at 5.30am with constant noise of planes above.


Many thanks to Tim Walker, a local resident, who has done an immense job on monitoring and collating evidence:

" … an important report by Forest Hill resident Tim Walker outlining what happens when London City and Heathrow airports combine to create community noise hotspots in south east London."

“South East London – No Respite from aircraft noise”

Why a local resident has to do this work, rather than the salaried Environmental Health Officers who are supposed to be monitoring noise problems and looking after our well-being …


This is a fantastic report - what would be useful is if someone could summarise in one post what people can do to take action now - including details of any e-mail addresses or online forms - I assume this should include at least City Airport, Civil Aviation Authority and relevant local politicians and London Assembly Representatives?