Aircraft noise


SE London’s campaign group Plane Hell Action had a meeting with London City Airport’s CEO last week. They clearly do not want to listen or acknowledge that low altitude concentration of planes over London is not ok. Sobering reading. The only thing they understand is complaint letters. anyone else inclined to fire one off about their dismissive attitude to residents and our environment?
use the London City Airport Website: . Click on ‘corporate’ and then under Environment, click on ‘Complaints and Enquiries’.


Thanks for sharing. What was Kate Hoey’s reaction to this?


don’t know yet but I know Mo and will ask her when we next meet - I think she has probably been discreet in not saying anything on that issue. Kate Hoey described it on Twitter in neutral terms.
'Useful meeting
to discuss aircraft noise over Kennington
,Liam McKay and CEO Robert Sinclair


One other thing about complaints on this issue is that it’s not really enough to just complain once, you need to keep sending them complaints each time the LCY concentrated flightpath bothers you. This is because the basis of their justification for this is that fewer people are affected by the noise of the concentrated flightpath (but those same fewer people are affected repeatedly and without respite). Therefore they are relying on those affected people only complaining once in order to keep complaint numbers low - in fact those affected should keep complaining over and over again in order to ensure LCY can’t massage the data to their advantage.


I just filled out their web form and pressed ‘send’ - was then presented with a blank white screen, should I assume it failed and try again? Is there normally an automated email acknowledgement sent out?


That could be a more or less daily task then in some weeks! However, as it did wake me up this morning, I’ll send in another.


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