Airport transfers

We usually use Addison Lee for getting to the airport as we can make sure to book a seven-seater with minimum chance of a Ford Focus showing up instead. Two adults, two teenagers and four full size suitcases are a challenge to get into a normal sized car when you add the driver!

Just wondering if there are any other companies people have used and are happy with? I’m prepared to pay a bit more for service and reliability, and the option to manage everything online!

I’ve always used Forest Hill Cars to be honest. You pay 50% premium for the fixed fee to the airport to get the guaranteed bigger car, but never had an issue

I used to use them a LOT when I travelled for work and often had to catch a 7:30 am flight from Stansted.

I can’t remember what the standard charge is, but I’m quite sure it will be less than Addison Lee (always found them expensive)

I have a problem with FH cars as I have to watch their drivers pee against the fence in the Perry Vale carpark on a regular basis.




Yeah - I was parking there on Thursday morning and there was a FH Cars car in the corner with a trickle coming from underneath it. While there’s a dispensation for drivers of London public hire cabs to do this (presumably on the basis that they don’t have an office, generally), I am fairly sure there’s nothing for minicab drivers. I know people have complained in the past to the firm about the behaviour of their drivers in that car park, though I don’t believe it’s made any significant difference.

A shame.

On a more positive note, I’ve used Linkway Cars in HOP for airports and as with FH Cars, you can book a larger car (not always as shiny as an Addison Lee) and they’ve never let me down.


Not to mention their annoying double parking and parking on corners waiting for a job. Grrr.

Hope you find a solution soon @RachaelDunlop

We’ve been using British Airport Transfers for a number of years and are happy with the service they provide:

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I used to do early morning airport runs on a regular basis. Handy, the original minicab firm, have never let me down. They are now known also as Data Cars and have a pretty good app too.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Gives me some options.

I once had a very bad experience with Forest Hill Cars. I booked in advance for two adults and a toddler and some luggage. I was told it would be £40. The driver arrived at 4am in the middle of winter and decided to argue with me about whether it was an ‘estate job’ or not. He had a great big people carrier, so it wasn’t as if he couldn’t take us (and we could easily have fit the luggage and people in a saloon car), but he insisted on a £20 (50%) extra to take us to Heathrow which the office backed him up for at the time. At 4am in the middle of winter with a toddler. I later complained to the office and got nowhere. Suffice to say, I haven’t used them since despite them being five minutes walk from home.

Last time we went to Gatwick, we used the parking facilities there which was roughly £70 for a week. When travelling for work, I usually get the train as it’s normally a change at East Croydon and then you’re pretty much there.


I’ve used Uber the last few times I’ve needed to go to the airport – they have a fixed price (£40 to Heathrow from memory). Not sure about getting one of the bigger ones at a fixed price though.

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I believe that Uber have recently removed any fixed rates for airports … and I’m not sure how you can ensure you get a car that is big enough

There are different car options with Uber that you choose via the app.

UberXL seats six.

More details here:

Ah that’s a real shame.

I too use British Airport Transfers. In fact I’m in one now returning home from LHR.

Like AddLee you can chose vehicle type to suit. Drivers ar very polite and helpful. But a fraction of the price and compatible with lical car firms. They have an app too.


Just gone to pick up a parcel and the driver of a white FH Car was stood watering the plants in the Post Office car park. Not hidden in a corner, oh no. Slap bang in the middle.



Where’s Sgt Gatfield when you need him:

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Sock puppet alert!


Sorted. Thanks for the flags.